Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How-to of therapy

One of the most important lessons learned I think I can offer in all of this is how to approach therapy.  Not that I'm excelling at it - it's more of a lesson learned through the school of hard-knocks, so to speak.  When I was initially in therapy and at my first couple of therapy centers, I was operating more under the belief that therapy was what you did at therapy.....go figure.  In reality, I think a more accurate paradigm is to relate to your therapist as a coach or personal trainer, as where therapy needs to happen is in your home life.....hence the inevitable home exercise plan.  I'm admittedly poor at this, as I too easily let the rest of my life and/or fatigue crowd out home therapy.  Now, some 2.5 years later, I'm left to wonder if I might have been appreciably further on the road to recovery had I learned this lesson earlier on.  It's not a place any of us wants to be at, so the moral of this story is to consider therapy an integral part of your home life while your therapist visits are more for coaching

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